Cloud law specialists


Leading experts in legal and policy issues related to the cloud

The world of computing is going through a radical change. Enterprises everywhere are moving to the public cloud, and this brings with it new legal challenges. Linclaw's cloud legal consulting services were created to solve these challenges. We support our clients in i) negotiating the necessary agreements to enable their services to run on the cloud, ii) identify and address the regulatory challenges related to cloud use, and iii) help form policy that enables cloud adoption.

Areas of Practice

cloud transactions

Putting in place the necessary agreements to enable your business on the cloud can be challenging. Utilising the public cloud is from a legal perspective very different than running services in colos or your own data centres, and this means you need to identify and manage your risks differently. We help our clients do that.

cloud regulation

Although enterprises everywhere are moving to the public cloud, regulation has failed to keep up. Understanding how current regulations apply to modern day cloud solutions can be a challenge. We help you solve it.

cloud policy

Sometimes existing regulation just does not work and needs changing. We have worked with authorities and regulators on a European and national level to help shape policy in a way that results in regulation that benefits everyone.